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Hello, amazing BAIUSTian, Are you ready to dive into the captivating realm of global affairs, diplomacy, and leadership? Join us at the Baiust Global Affairs Council (BGAC), where opportunities for growth and impact abound! Our organization stands as a bastion of international engagement, specializing in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences and a spectrum of events designed to foster diplomatic acumen, negotiation prowess, effective communication, exhaustive research, and leadership excellence.

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About BGAC:
BGAC is the heartbeat of BAIUST's international engagement, focusing on immersive experiences like Model United Nations (MUN) conferences and an array of events. We're not just a club; we're a community that thrives on diplomacy, negotiation, communication, in-depth research, and nurturing leadership skills.
BGAC is the nucleus of BAIUST's international discourse, comprising a cadre of individuals dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, global connectivity, and principled leadership. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our multifaceted approach to shaping future leaders. 
Why Choose BGAC?
Realistic Diplomatic Simulations: Engage in nuanced diplomatic simulations, gaining hands-on experience in real-world scenarios.
Holistic Skill Development: Refine negotiation strategies, communication proficiency, and research acumen under the guidance of seasoned professionals.
Community of Leaders: Become part of a dynamic community that values and cultivates leadership skills, providing a solid foundation for success in diverse professional landscapes.
Available Roles:
BGAC offers a diverse array of roles to accommodate a spectrum of talents. Whether your expertise lies in meticulous event coordination, in-depth research, or strategic leadership, we have a role tailored for your aspirations.
How to Apply:
Seize the opportunity to initiate your BGAC journey by procuring recruitment forms at our booth in the Central Dining area on campus.
Online Phase: Swiping our Google Form on 24 November to 2 December to grab your form and chat with our enthusiastic members. Recruitment form link: Click Here 
Offline Phase: Come to our booth located in front of BAIUST Central Cafeteria on 28th November, 1st December and 2nd December.
Form Fee: 50 TAKA Only. 
Join BGAC, where global engagement meets a close-knit community!

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